How to delete twitch account

How to delete twitch account | Best Guide

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Twitch is a great platform to sit back, relax. You can watch your favorite streamers play games and chat with their communities. However, you might find yourself caught streaming without a paddle, if you’re bored of Twitch. You might be looking to delete your account if Twitch has become less of a thrill and more of a burden. If you want, disabling your account can bring you some much-needed offline time. Disabling Twitch can be the first step to deleting yourself from the internet.

You also may be trying to delete twitch account that was your deceased loved one’s. Contacting support to remove their account is a good idea in that case. Along with protecting the digital legacy of someone you cared about, closing accounts can help you move forward.

How to permanently delete twitch account

Right now, deletion is not an option. But Twitch does allow you to disable an account. You must have your username and password to do so.

So before you begin, make sure you have access to your account. To confirm that you’re ready to leave the site permanently, you’ll need your credentials. Here’s what to do when you’re ready to get started.

Deleting your Twitch account

  1. Click on your web browser. visit ‘Twitch. tv’.
  2. Enter your login credentials to gain access to your account.
  3. You should be opened to your account’s home page, when (2) is successful. A live stream will start to show, noticeably. It is one of Twitch’s promotional videos.
  4. Now, tap on the icon positioned to the top right corner of the screen. It is the icon with your profile’s avatar.
  5. Click on the ‘Settings’ option button which is right below the ‘Wallet’ one on the menu that displays. This will open the setting’s page (obviously). Also, it is set to open in the ‘Profile’ tab.
  6. Scroll down to the ‘Disabling Your Twitch Account’ section on the ‘Profile’ tab. You will see that disabling your account is complete deactivation.
  7. Select the ‘Disable Account’ hyperlink. You will be opened to the ‘Disable Account’ page.
  8. you will see Twitch’s apologetic message, the We’re sorry to see you go, on the page. Also, if there’s anything they can do, contact them at, they inform you that disabling your account does not delete your user information.
  9. Next to the Accounts to disable, your username will be shown.
  10. type in the reason why you are disabling your account, even if it’s optional. To improve its services, this feedback helps Twitch.
  11. Click on the purple ‘Disable’ button after it is done. Now A box will pop up. It will ask you to enter your password to continue (or is it finished?). Since someone may be trying to disable an account while the user is completely unaware, this is usually for security reasons.
  12. Click on ‘Verify’ after you key in your password. A page will appear showing this message, ‘Your account has been disabled.

Twitch Account Deletion FAQs

You may still have questions about other ways that Twitch ends accounts or removes videos even if disabling your account is pretty straightforward. Not to worry, we have the answers you need!

Does Twitch automatically delete inactive accounts?

To keep desirable names available when they are not being used, In 2017, Twitch began reclaiming usernames from inactive accounts. All you have to do is log in, to avoid being deleted for inactivity.

Can you reactivate a Twitch account?

You usually can. Try logging in first. Contact Twitch Support and use the topic choice “I want to reactivate my account if that doesn’t work.

How do you delete videos on Twitch?

You’ll see the option for “delete”, under your video’s three-dot menu. Ensure you have the video you want to be deleted selected first.

It may have you wondering where all the hours have gone as Twitch can be so entertaining. Deleting your Twitch account can put you in a position to have a better lifestyle, spending less time watching videos, as a symbolic and practical gesture.

A lot of people see simplifying their online presence as a nice change even if there’s nothing wrong with watching all the Twitch shows you like. When your family and friends are settling your affairs after death, it can also be a relief to them in the future. No one likes to think about these things. But Just a few hours of work with something like a password manager can bring a huge change to the people who are dealing with your estate.