How To Block Twitch Ads

How To Block Twitch Ads | Guide

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Nowadays, ads on Twitch are coming up more and more. If you’re like me and you’d rather not see them, you might be interested in using a no-ad blocker to do that. But, which one? There are a number of different options out there, so it can feel overwhelming to find the right one. That’s why I made this guide – it walks you through the four best ad blockers for Twitch.

What is TwitchTwitch is an online video streaming platform where users can stream live their gaming experience. It is an application for desktop machines, tablets, and smartphones. Twitch also has a social networking element and it is possible to follow other gamers in the platform.

Why should you block Twitch ads

There are many reasons that you might want to block Twitch ads. The first could be because of your data plan. Streaming high-quality content can eat into your monthly data allotment, costing you more money. Another reason to block Twitch ads is if it’s preventing you from watching games with unskippable ads.

You should block Twitch ads because they’re annoying and you can’t skip them. You might have to sit through a few ads before the stream starts playing, and it’s frustrating to not be allowed to skip these ads. Not only are these advertisements annoying, but they also advertise products you may never use or buy.

What does blocking ads on Twitch mean

Blocking ads on Twitch is a way to prevent commercials from playing before your favorite videos. Ad blockers are software that can take out specific kinds of advertisements on the internet. Common ad blockers include Adblock Plus or uBlock, and they’re available as browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

When you subscriber to Twitch blocks ads on the site, you are opting out of viewing any advertisements that Twitch might show them. This is done by loading a plug-in in your browser which stops any ad from appearing on any website. If you’re not interested in seeing ads, it’s worth the time to block them on Twitch.

How to block ads on Twitch forever

Block Twitch ads with VPN

It’s so easy to block Twitch ads with a VPN, just connect to a server where you know you’re not going to be able to access Twitch. This will make the ads disappear and allow you enjoy your favorite streamers uninterrupted!

Google Chrome extension

The creator of the extension Adblock Twitch is a programmer by the name of Jasper. He used to be a gamer and he remembers that he had to deal with ads all the time while watching his favorite players. “We want to limit the annoyance,” said Jasper, “and we want people to spend more time on Twitch.”

  • Go to the chrome web store page and download ad blockers.
  • The addon has now been deployed, and Twitch ads should now be banned.
  • If you used the previous patch, make sure you get rid of it first. This fix, like all of your other Chrome extensions, will update automatically

Experts recommend a combination of tools in order to block Twitch ads. This includes browser add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins. These tools allow you to block ads on all the sites that you visit.


I know this is a lot to take in, so feel free to follow my blog for updates on the topic. Have you tried using an ad blocker? If not, I recommend trying it out. It won’t cost you anything and will make your browsing experience significantly better!